E-Flite Blade 350 QX / QX2 / QX3 Prop Adapter Set

E-Flite Blade 350 QX / QX2 / QX3 Prop Adapter Set
Part # 350QX Prop Adapter
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E-Flite Blade 350 QX / QX2 / QX3 Prop Adapter Set E-Flite Blade 350 QX / QX2 / QX3 Prop Adapter Set E-Flite Blade 350 QX / QX2 / QX3 Prop Adapter Set E-Flite Blade 350 QX / QX2 / QX3 Prop Adapter Set


Each of our E-Flite Blade 350 QX / 350 QX2 / 350 QX3 propeller adapters are CNC machined from billet aluminum.  These adapters will bolt on to the stock BLH7802 motors allowing for a large variety of aftermarket propellers to be used.  They have a 6mm propeller shaft which can be used with the traditional style quadcopter propeller sets.

The adapters are very strong and light.  This design keeps the propeller very close to the motor to maintain stock flying characteristics.  Replacing the stock propellers with a good quality aftermarket propeller will give you the confidence needed for worry free flying. 

This set includes 2 right hand thread adapters and 2 left hand thread adapters.  Each propeller will be self tightening while the motor is powered.

Installation is quick and simple.  No modifications necessary.

Two step installation:

  1. Install prop adapter onto stock BLH7802 motor using the supplied M2.5 x 4mm socket head screws.
    (each bag will be labeled indicating which motor the adapters should be installed on)
    (see diagram below for more detailed info on prop adapter placement)

  2. Install propeller onto adapter followed by the M6 washer and tighten with the M6 Hex Nut.
    (Or you can use our 350 QX / QX2 / QX3 Spinner / Prop Nut Set)


Included:  4 - E-Flite Blade 350 QX / QX2 / QX3 Prop Adapters (2 right hand thread / 2 left hand thread)
              16 - M2.5 x 4mm socket head screws
              2 - M6 right hand thread hex nuts, 2 - M6 left hand thread hex nuts, 4 - M6 Flat Washers

Weight (single prop adapter only):  3.1g


  • Shaft Diameter:  6mm
  • Shaft Thread:  M6x1.0  (2 right hand thread and 2 left hand thread)
  • Shaft Length:  15.2mm
  • Base Thickness:  5.5mm

Recommended Plastic Prop Sets:

  • APC 8x3.8 Slow Flyer -  2 x LP08038SF (standard) / 2 x LP08038SFP (pusher)
  • APC 8x4.7 Slow Flyer -  2 x LP08047SF (standard) / 2 x LP08047SFP (pusher)
  • APC 8x4.5 Multi Rotor -  2x LP08045MR (standard) / 2x LP08045MRP (pusher) / 1 x Ring Adapter Kit LPAR06E

Must use the 6mm I.D. bushing (ring) to fit properly onto adapters.  These will be a snug fit so a little pressure may be needed to slip prop onto shaft.

Recommended Carbon Fiber Prop Set:



When replacing props it is recommended to check the current (amp) draw with a watt meter so the motor or ESC amperage rating is not exceeded.

Using aftermarket props with the same diameter and pitch of the original props is recommended if a watt meter is not available.

Adapter screws should be checked and tightened as necessary.  A drop of blue (removable) loctite can be applied to the 16 screws before installing the adapter.


Compatible Motors

  • Horizon Hobby BLH7802

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